Why it’s taken me so long to share photos of my new fabric line here is a mystery to me, because I’ve been sharing them like crazy over on Instagram lately! But I’m remedying that right now because Tallinn, my first collection with Art Gallery Fabrics, is in stores now and I want everyone to know about it!!

The Tallinn fabrics lookbook was just released last week and YOU GUYS, it is so amazing. The team at AGF is just so talented, it’s unreal.

The projects, the design of the lookbook, everything is just exquisite (if I do say so myself). Check it out by clicking on the image:

The quilt that I designed and that Kimberly Baird, a very talented hand quilter (!!) made for me, was in the lookbook, and I love how they photographed it:

So bright and pretty!

Here are some more of my favorite shots from the lookbook, but seriously, go check out the whole thing:

(I made these pillows!)

(my mom made these dolls!)

(I did not make any of this stuff, but I WISH I’d made that tiger because isn’t it just incredible?? So creative.)

(Eleri Kerian made this adorable dress from the Baltic Swans knit from my collection, and I honestly can barely see the dress actually because I’m blinded by the cuteness of her daughter.)

I’ve been making things myself with the fabric, too, mostly consisting of zippered pouches lately:

I think I finally understand how to sew in a zipper!

Mister Domestic snapped this shot for me at one of our local Portland fabric stores, Fabric Depot:

So fun to see my fabric displayed this way! I’m taking a class there this coming Saturday, taught by Mister Domestic (Mathew Boudreaux), so I’ll get to see this setup in person, too. Yay!

Your own local fabric shop might carry the collection, too – I’d love to hear about it if you see my fabric out in the wild!
You can check out the full collection on the Art Gallery Fabrics website, and it’s available currently in many online fabric shops. Just Google ‘Tallinn Fabrics Jessica Swift’ and you’ll easily find it.

If you make something with the fabric, please send me a photo or tag me in anything you post on social media! I’d love to see it. :)

Oh, and I’ll be hosting a blog tour for the collection beginning April 19th, so you’ll get to see lots more goodies made from this fabric. Stay tuned for more about that soon…