My Daily Animal Art project is still going strong. I’ve only missed a day here and there, which feels pretty great, considering my crappy track record with daily projects AND the fact that baby Coen is almost 5 months old and doesn’t love to sleep yet.

All our conversations around here lately are about sleep. How it sucks not getting enough, how can we get Coen to sleep better at night, how do we get him to take longer naps, how/when do we transition him to his crib from the co-sleeper in our room, etc etc. I had no idea sleep was going to be SUCH a huge topic with a baby around, omg!

But back to the animals: I am *majorly in love* with how they are looking all together – don’t you love that top photo? I think I’ve got about 25 completed so far… I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like when I have 50, 60, 100… SO fun.


I’ve been working on my animals during Coen’s brief naps, after bedtime, and while Ryan is hanging out with him sometimes. I actually love that I have limited time to work on them – I have to work fast, so there’s a small chance I’ll overwork and wreck them! Some of the animals I like more than others, naturally, but generally I feel pretty pleased with them each day.

Here’s a recent favorite, as suggested by my mom:


The more animals I create, the more excited I am to turn them into an oracle deck at some point. I’m thinking I can probably pull it off by holiday time this year…? We’ll see. I think they will just be amazing as a deck of cards. Hope you agree!


I post all of these on Instagram every day, along with some bits about the energetic totem qualities of each animal. I hope you’ll follow along there!





I’m not really supposed to be posting photos of Coen online anymore (Ryan and I decided to limit it, since it’s not really fair to him in the long run), but REALLY. It’s impossible to resist sometimes!! He’s getting cuter by the day. He’ll be 5 months old on Sunday, how did that happen?

He loves to go on walks, being carried on the front or back, doesn’t matter:


And I vowed before I became a mama that I would never buy this kind of bright plastic crap:


And yet, here we are. He LOVES it.

Keep the wild in you, friends, just like Coen’s shirt says, and like the animals above are here to remind you each day…..