My Sirena Fabrics Booth at Quilt Market

I never showed you photos of my Quilt Market booth from a couple weeks ago! If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw them, but I can’t not share them here on the blog, too. It was such a fun show with Art Gallery Fabrics and I love the way my booth came together (even though I had some moments in the middle of set-up when I wasn’t sure I was going to pull it off because it wasn’t looking great…. but with some rearranging I made it happen. Yeah!)

Anyway, here’s my booth:




(the above photo is by my friend Gwyneth Colleen)


I’m obviously partial to making things feel very busy and colorful. ;) I’ve tried to simplify my look before (I have no idea why) and it never works, so now I just go with it and let the color and crazy flow!

I made these (intentionally raw-edged) quilted rugs for the booth floor, and I’m crazy about them:


I made all the pillows, too, and this was one of my faves:


Several people helped me with making things for the booth; working with other talented makers is definitely a highlight of putting a booth together!

This quilt was made by Sharon of Color Girl Quilts:


And this one was made by Kimberly Baird 


Aren’t they both gorgeous?

Jessica, the owner of Sallie Tomato, made one of her brand new bags using my Siren Song Orchid fabric and some super cool peach-colored metallic cork that I’d never seen before:


And speaking of cork, Sarai of Sarai’s Hobbies made a few amazing things for me, including this wallet that also included some awesome cork:



And this zippered pouch with some purple metallic cork! So cool:


Eleri of The Sew and Tell Project  made some adorable children’s garments:


(Pardon the wrinkles!)

LOOK at these tiny tiny creations:


Can you believe humans start out that size??

These two were made to fit my own toddler-sized kiddo:


They’re even cuter in person if you can believe it.

My friend Gwyn made me this dress to wear:


And she also made the adorable girl’s dress below:


And I wish I had a better photo of me in the gorgeous dress that Loni of Havin Sew Much Fun made for me to wear (that’s her in the handmade green jeans!):


(photo by Gwyn)

It was so comfortable and fun to wear. Both dresses were! How lucky am I to know people who will custom-make things for me? (SO LUCKY!)

My friend Spencer’s mom Cathy made me this gorgeous wall hanging:


And this fantastic zippered pouch:


She also made another item which I dumbly didn’t get a good photo of. Dang.

And Paola of Love of Fabrics made these awesome zippered pouches (also using cork! It’s so popular these days!):


And then a week or so later, my much-anticipated Sirena fabric rolls arrived on my doorstep and it was like Christmas:



That’s it! Hope you liked my lil’ booth tour!