jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day15

17 days down, 83 to go!

I am having SO much fun creating patterns so far this year. Here are some of my favorites! (You can follow along and see my new ones each day over on Instagram and on Facebook.)

jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day5

jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day11

jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day10

jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day12

jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day17

jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day16

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with these yet…. I imagine I’ll turn some of them into pattern collections, maybe change the colors on some of them…. for now, I’m really having a great time just creating a new one-off pattern each day. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to license some of them for some fun products and then we’ll see them out in the world, too. Time will tell!