jessicaswift-totem-badger jessicaswift-totem-sheep

It’s been a little while since I last wrote about my Daily Animal Art project, so I thought I’d share an update today. Maybe you need some animal eye candy right now? :)

Here are some of my recent additions…. Badger. Sheep. Salmon. Frog. Bee. Rooster. Llama.

I have such fun choosing the animal each day! I often ask my husband for suggestions…. I choose the one that feels right each day. I don’t work from a list of animals I’ve already chosen. He suggest the same animals over and over, but I can’t do it until it feels right. His current suggestion that keeps coming up is a Hog Gone Wild. haha! We’ll see what comes of that one when it feels right. Some days an animal will catch my attention and seem to say “choose me!” – that’s what happened with Bee a couple weeks ago. This bee would just not leave me alone! So I figured it was trying to tell me something.

Other animals that have come to be in recent days are Cow, Seagull, Horse, Mouse, Black Panther, Jellyfish, Spider. Check them out over on Instagram! (Follow me if you want to see them every day!)


One of my favorite parts of the project is writing about each animal’s energy. I have some of my own personal knowledge about some of the animals, but I also consult this Animal Medicine card deck, this website, and this book when researching what the animal is all about and then writing about it as part of each #dailyanimalart post on Instagram.

Here’s an example, what I wrote about Salmon:

Salmon. Inner wisdom and knowing. Your inner self knows your true purpose. Are you listening? You have more strength and wisdom than you know – all the strength and wisdom you need – to flow with all that life presents you. Trust your gut and you will always move in the right direction. Wisdom comes from learning lessons in both the difficult and easy experiences in life. All experienced are opportunities to learn, grow, and be in flow. You can always find the place of inner wisdom where you feel sure of yourself. Listen closely and follow your heart, even if t feels like you’re moving against the current…

Cool, right?

jessicaswift-totem-frog jessicaswift-totem-bee

That Bee and that Frog are 2 of my personal recent favorites that I’ve done!


I’ve got over 50 of these created now… I’m amazed at how a simple idea at the start of the year, to create an animal a day, has turned into one of my favorite parts of each day and kind-of a significant amount of art! It’s a testament to how small steps each day can add up to something really big. I mean, I knew that, like, in my head, but WOW, I really get that now, all thanks to this project. These paintings have pretty much all been created while baby Coen is napping, or after he’s gone to bed… I don’t have a ton of art-making time these days, but still I’ve created all this! It feels good. Really good.

I mean, check this out:


I’m obsessed with laying them all out and looking at them together. I CANNOT wait to turn them into my very own animal medicine deck! Plans are in the works… I’m hoping by holiday time 2016 I can get it all together. Cross your fingers!


Anyway. That’s that. I haven’t created my animal for today. I’m headed out for a walk with Coen and will keep my eyes open for any critter that may be calling…. we’ll see who shows up!