Love Always Wins

*This post was originally published in June 2015

I sat down to paint on Friday afternoon, and this is what came out. It was a happy day in the USA, with the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage for the entire country (finally). The internet has never been alight with so many rainbows!! There was so much joy in the air, and when I started painting this hummingbird I realized that it tied in perfectly with the day’s joyful air, because hummingbirds represent joy and drinking the sweet nectar of life.

Love always wins!

A number of people asked me on Instagram and on Facebook if I’d be offering this image for sale as a print, and the answer is yes! You can find it right here. It’s my new favorite!

Sometimes paintings flow effortlessly out of me, and this was one of them. The background layer was ready to go and was just waiting for what wanted to be painted on top of it…. a couple hours after I sat down, it was finished. Paintings don’t always happen that way! Sometimes they are a struggle. Sometimes they are filled with joy and ease. This was one of those. So not only is this painting about joy and love, it flowed from my hand and hard in a loving and joy-filled way, too. Perfect!

The print comes in 2 sizes — 8x10" and11×14″ — if you’d like one. They are all right here in the shop.

Hope you like it!