Ryan is out and about with the baby right now, so I get to spend some time in front of my computer playing with PATTERNS! My favorite thing! I’m working on ideas for my next fabric collection, and I’m having so much fun.

Speaking of the baby, did you know he’s 18 weeks old already? How is this possible?! Look at this face:


I die. <3 Also, I love the third eye dot there on his forehead in this photo. What luck!

But back to patterns: I’m also getting ready for Pattern Camp, which starts this Saturday, January 30th. I love teaching people how to make patterns; the moment the lightbulb goes on when someone figures out how it works and makes their first successful, seamless pattern is just the greatest to witness and be a part of. There’s a great + varied group of folks gathering so far, and everyone is getting excited!

If you’ve dreamed of learning to make your own patterns, think about diving in and joining me! There’s still time to sign up. Maybe you want to open and Etsy store with your own unique stationery, or you want to create fabric or wallpaper or gift wrap to print through Spoonflower, or you just want to add some new digital skills to your repertoire… there are lots of ways knowing how to create patterns can come in handy.

The course is $239. In addition to the course material, you also get to be part of our private Facebook group, which is the hidden gem of Pattern Camp. It ends up being the highlight of the course for many folks! Oh, and beginners are very welcome at Pattern Camp!

Check out the Pattern Camp website for course details, FAQs, and to sign up. Registration closes this Friday January 29th at noon PST!


Hope to see you in class if pattern design + being part of an awesome and inspiring artistic community is tugging at your creative soul.

(Here‘s what some folks have had to say about the course in previous sessions!)