Good morning, friends!
I just spent a lovely 4 days in southern California, celebrating Ryan’s parents’ 40th wedding anniversary (!!), and now I’m back. If you ordered something in last week’s sale, it’ll be on its way to you today/tomorrow! I’ll be packing things up all day today and sending things off to their new homes. Yay!
Just wanted to share a pic of a cute new pattern I made last week — I might be obsessed with mice now, and I just realized that I dreamt of a teeny mouse last night! — and also a pic of my growing baby bump:
29 weeks this week! It’s hard to believe we’ve got just 11 weeks to go…. it’s time to start getting serious around here and to start buying some baby stuff, OMG. Ryan and I have somehow not purchased any baby things yet. Like, none! We have a crib that we inherited from a friend of a friend, and my sister-in-law gifted us some adorable baby clothes over the weekend while we were at their house in Escondido, but that’s it. But I’m not worried — we’ll get everything done. We always do!
Anyway, that’s what’s happening around here this week: baby bumps, little mice, and packing and shipping paintings. Wheee!
Oh! And I’m finishing up my new website. Did I tell you I’ve been redoing it for the last few months? It will hopefully be up and running by the end of this week…. I’m pretty excited about it!