How to use art-making as a tool for self-discovery – a FREE guide!

One evening in early 2019, about 6 months after my husband had died and a couple months after my baby girl was born, I intuitively turned to art-making as a way to begin processing my feelings and my experiences.

Life was difficult in those days, and I was a swirling sea of confusing feelings, exhaustion, and overwhelm. I needed a way to tune in to what was actually going on inside of me – to comfort and soothe myself, to identify and acknowledge my feelings, and ultimately to learn to feel better in this new version of my life.

I decided to start a 100 day project that I called ‘100 Messages To Myself’. It was a way for me to commit to practicing listening to my inner voice and to show up for myself in a small, creative way each day for 100 days. It turned out this project would be a major creative and healing catalyst for me.

Every evening after my babies were asleep, I sat on the couch with my iPad or a sketchbook. I got quiet, I tuned my ears inward, and I waited for a message from my innermost self – the voice that wants nothing but the best for me.

Through listening, hearing a message meant just for me, and then drawing I was able to calm myself. To acknowledge where I was. To comfort myself. To figure out how I was actually feeling. To heal. I never had a plan. Each day was its own experience. I just had to show up and my inner self took over from there.

I didn't know how radically transformative making art this way would be for me. Making art centered around my own words to myself was a lifeline. It still is.

Sitting down to make art became a way to have a conversation with myself and to process the beautiful mess of my life. Because that’s what it was –– a big messy swirl of all sorts of emotions that were hard to sort out.

This was my way to untangle myself each day.
Many days now, it still is.

This free 16-page guide will show you the incredible impact art-making can have on your well-being. I'll teach you how I did it, so you can start doing it for yourself!
Inside the guide you'll find 7 ways to begin tuning in to your inner voice and 7 prompts to use to ease your way into this transformational art-making process.
The best part? You don't even have to be an artist to benefit from this practice. I promise!


I'd love to hear how this practice makes an impact in your life and your inner well-being. :)