Animal Allies Oracle Cards are here!

My Animal Allies Oracle Cards are finally here! I spent several full days last week shipping our pre-orders, and I'm so happy to report that people are absolutely loving the deck so far. (Yippee!) Here's a bit from a happy customer: "The quality of the deck is outstanding - a joy to shuffle and handle and the printing and color excellent. I own many, many decks. Yours is top notch. And the box! The details and surprise messages inside are lovely."

The deck is made up of 60 cards, each a different wild animal. A fold-out sheet with descriptions of each animal's unique energetic qualities is included, to help guide you in understanding what the card you pulled is about and how it might apply to your current life/situation.

The holidays are coming and I personally think this deck is going to make a really wonderful gift this year – perfect for animal lovers, mystics, tarot enthusiasts, believers in magic, children (buy two and turn it into a memory game!), people who are looking for some hope/support/guidance/love.... everybody could benefit, really. :)

You can grab your own copy of the Animal Allies oracle deck right here. (If you're an Amazon Prime member, they're also available there, fyi.)

I hope you love them! I'm so proud of this project and how it turned out; if you decide to pick up your own copy of the deck, I hope it makes its way into your daily life in a powerful and positive way. Big love!