Art For Self-Care – Craft A Gift With Heart + Meaning

It's the season of giving + gratitude!
Handmade + heartfelt gifts matter. Kindness matters. In this FREE 5 day course, you'll create a unique piece of art with a personal message or wish for someone important in your life. You'll feel good giving, and they'll feel good receiving. Win win. Let's add a little goodness and light to the world, shall we?

Art For Self-Care – 14 Days of Messages to Yourself

This is an online Skillshare course about ART-MAKING FOR SELF-CARE in times of stress, change, uncertainty, grief, fear. It’s about LISTENING TO YOUR INTUITION and the unique and powerful messages it has for you and then translating those messages into images. This class is for anyone who is looking for a creative way to process all the information coming at you each day in the busy-ness of life in this modern world of ours.

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Pattern Camp : Level II

Pattern Camp Level II is an online Skillshare course which goes beyond the basics into more advanced techniques for designing  repeating patterns using Adobe Illustrator.

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Pattern Camp: Level I

Pattern Camp Level I is an online Skillshare course which will teach you the technical and creative process behind designing repeating patterns using Adobe Illustrator.

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Color Freedom

Color Freedom is an online Skillshare course about Using the Recolor Artwork Tool in Adobe Illustrator. In this class you’ll learn how to use my very favorite tool in Adobe Illustrator: The Recolor Artwork Tool. You will learn to quickly and easily change colors in your artwork and come up with new color combinations that you’d never considered before. Get ready for the doors to your color freedom to swing wide open!

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