Your true nature is luminous

Did you guys see the full moon last night? It was pouring rain here in Portland last night, but I saw the moon this morning on my way to the gym, before it got light out… seeing a full moon always stops me in my tracks for a minute and helps me remember the great mystery of this Earth we live on and this vast universe we live in.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our day to day lives and not take the time to notice the miracles all around us — like the full moon each month, or the trees that magically know when to start blooming each spring, or the ants that come out (and into my kitchen!) once the temperature rises, or the fact that our bodies and souls are actually made of this same incredible intelligence that governs the natural world. I think it’s so easy to feel separate from it all, when in actuality we’re inextricably intertwined with it.

I am noticing more lately and trying to be mindful of getting caught up in the daily minutiae. Because underneath all the minutiae and the worry and the to do lists, the fact remains: your true nature is luminous.
Isn’t that great news? :)