Oh, how I love this time of year! Happy 2016, friends. I hope you’ve welcomed it in wonderful ways, last night and today.

I smudged the house with white sage last night, cleansing it, making prayers and intentions for what I’d like to welcome in in 2016.

This evening I will smudge it again with osha root, cleansing and welcoming in the energy of the new year.

I listened to this song on repeat this morning. I think it will be my mantra for this new year. (Thanks to my dear friend Caroline Douglas for introducing me to this song in 2014 while we traveled together in Morocco!)

I’ve chosen my word for 2016: FLOW.

I’ve made a short list of goals (just a few – I’m trying to keep it simple this year, what with the new baby and all) – here are a few of them: run 500 miles, get back to my art-making roots by painting more and creating more prints + paper art, build our new garage/studio in the backyard, be a good mama to Coen, travel to Hawaii, continue my #dailyswiftpics on Instagram for another year….

I’m finding it so difficult to do much work with baby Coen in the picture now, and I hope to find a way to change that sometime soon. It feels nearly impossible to set any work-related goals right now, and as frustrating as that feels (I miss my work and making art!!), I’m trying to just go with it. FLOW. Coen is going to grow and change so quickly. Now is the time to enjoy his baby-ness, because he will not be this way forever.

I’m trying to keep it simple right now. Not make too many grand plans, because I don’t have any way of knowing what this year will look like (since I’ve never had a kid before!). Instead, my plan: to simply go with the flow. To see where the winds take my family and me. To pay attention to what wants to come through. To spend time outdoors, walking, running, being in the sun. To be grateful. To reframe my idea of what it is to be productive. To create new routines. To be open. To love well. To live well. To be happy. To let go of all the should that have plagued me for so long (sooooo long!).

No small feat, but I think it could be transformative. Yes!

So, welcome 2016. I am ready for you.