Kari and I started working on this kit before Coen was born. We were *almost* done with it – had a timeline for launching it and everything! — and then Coen decided to come a week early. Ha! Foiled.

But we’ve finished it now, and I’m really excited to share it with you. Like, really excited, you guys.

2 years ago Kari and I met for lunch to talk about an idea she had. She was looking for someone to help her stay accountable to everything she needed and wanted to accomplish in her work and personal life. She had some big stuff happening and wanted to make sure it was going to get done. Turns out I was looking for something similar – I’ve always been really good at accomplishing the daily tasks that I set out to (I relish crossing things off of a list!), but following through on and organizing longer-term goals has always been a bit of a challenge for me. I thought having someone witness me go through the process of setting up a system for doing this would be really helpful – someone who knew what I wanted to do and who would help make sure that I did it.

Kari’s and my Accountability Partnership was born.

This was in January 2014. Now nearly 2 years later, after many many conversations about accountability, many dreams and goals shared, many weekly lists shared between the 2 of us, list-making and -sharing methods modified, and many successes and lessons learned on both of our parts, we’re excited to share this digital PDF guide to creating an Accountability Partnership of your own with you. We hope it helps you as much as our partnership has helped us!!

Here’s a preview of some of what’s in the kit:


It’s 40 pages of our best advice about how our Accountability Partnership works and how you can create your own. The kit covers what to look for in an Accountability Partner, how to find one and how to approach a potential partner, sample lists from the beginning of our partnership and current lists (the formats have changed a lot!), exercises to help you create the best partnership possible, printable reminders for your calendar, workspace, and/or home, and more!

AccountabilityKit-IG-image1 AccountabilityKit-IG-image2 AccountabilityKit-IG-image3

Working with an Accountability Partner has made a world of difference for both Kari and I, personally and professionally. We even talked some about it in this episode of Kari’s podcast last year if you want to take a listen. Having someone who knows what I’m up to in the world makes me MUCH more likely to actually do what I set out to do, and to figure out the best way to do it. Knowing that Kari can see what I’m NOT accomplishing on my weekly lists is helpful, too, and it often prompts me to question why I might be procrastinating and figure out how to get myself moving – a definite surprise benefit that I didn’t expect from an Accountability Partnership.

I know having an Accountability Partner could make a difference for you, too! If you have dreams and goals that you want to make sure you accomplish, if important things somehow just keep drifting away, if important goals keep slipping away, if you keep procrastinating and want to stop, if you want to get more efficient and focused with your time, or even if you just want to feel less lonely, I invite you to check out our Accountability Kit. It’s just $30 USD, and you can download it immediately upon purchase.

2016 is just 5 1/2 weeks away (!!) – this could be just the ticket to start it off on the right foot. We hope the kit helps you as much as this idea has helped us!