Introducing the Rainbow Feel Good Club!


Hi friends!

Today I'm excited to tell you about something new that I’ve been quietly working away on for a little while now and am pumped to share. It's my brand new membership club – the Rainbow Feel Good Club – and it will be getting started on Monday FEBRUARY 7, 2022! I'm hosting the club over on Patreon, and you can join now to be amongst the very first club members. 

If you're unfamiliar with Patreon, it's a really cool platform where creators of all varieties can offer exclusive content to their fans, and patrons / supporters / club members can be part of a unique and private experience while contributing directly to their favorite creators' livelihood. I've been really intrigued by Patreon for a while and am super excited to get this club going there!

Life can be hard, and we all need a hand sometimes. I've created the Rainbow Feel Good Club to be that hand that we all need sometimes. This club is where you can come for a good dose of realness, honestly, encouragement, uplifting, and connection. My intention is that you'll pick up some hope in the Rainbow Feel Good Club and that you'll feel a little bit less alone.

If you've received my 100 Uplifting Days series of emails, or if you followed along on my 100 Messages To Myself and 100 Things I Know To Be True series on Instagram, that will give you a taste of what I'll be sharing in the Rainbow Feel Good Club and what the experience will be like. Art + words, directly from me to you. A little ray of sunshine and honesty when you need it the most.

🌈 The heart of this club will be nearly-daily dose of realness, honesty, encouragement, and uplifting. Art + words, directly from me to you. Depending on your membership level, you will either receive one of these posts per week, or every single post that I share.

🌈 I will also be sharing peeks into my studio and my creative life, other colorful extras like downloadable wallpapers for your computer and phone, shop discounts, and anything else I dream up!

🌈 You'll also be able to submit suggestions for topics, phrases, quotes, ideas, etc that you'd like me to include in posts in the club. Think artwork + words written specifically for YOU that will benefit everyone in the group as well.


Rainbow Feel Good Club by Jessica Swift on Patreon


The drawings above will give you a taste of what you can expect in the posts that I share in the club.

I've also been playing and experimenting with paint and other materials in different ways lately and have some fresh new things in the works that will make their way into the club images, too! I'm really excited to just let me creativity fly and tap into my intuition each day to create what is wanting to come through for all the club members (and for myself!). 


Rainbow Feel Good Club by Jessica Swift on Patreon 


It’s going to be magical, friends!

Head over to the Rainbow Feel Good Club on Patreon to learn more and to sign up.

See you on the inside beginning on February 7!