My online pattern design course, Pattern Camp, starts in 11 days!

I’m getting pretty excited. The classroom opened 4 days ago, and the new Campers are making their way in. They’re practicing with the Illustrator and Photoshop primer videos that I created (for those folks who are new to the programs and want some tips on how they work), watching the 6 video interviews with surface design professionals (Lisa Congdon, Carolyn Gavin, Khristian Howell, Sarah Watts, Josephine Kimberling, and even my licensing agent Jennifer Nelson!), joining the private Facebook group, and are excitedly getting geared up for class.

There’s still time to join if you’re thinking of taking the course!


Here are some course details:

When: Saturday and Sunday, January 30-31, 2016. 8am – 4pm PST both days.

Cost: $239

How it works: Pattern Camp is designed as a 2-day intensive online workshop. The course will take place in a private classroom area on the Pattern Camp website, Saturday and Sunday from 8am-4pm PST. Throughout the 2 days, lessons will be released at specific times, leading course participants to work on the same lessons at the same time. We’ll share our work in private Facebook and Flickr groups, meet up in live Spreecast check-ins to get questions answered, and I will be on hand and available for email support for the entire weekend as well as in the Facebook group.

You’ll be part of an active community of people learning how to create gorgeous pattern designs all at the same time, sharing our work as we go!

Videos, tutorials, written posts, and live Q+A’s will guide you through the tools, techniques, and tricks to get you quickly on your way to proficiency in the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop + creating your own beautiful patterns.

You don’t have to join in for the 2-day intensive weekend portion (though it is really fun to be working on the lessons at the same time as so many other people) – if it doesn’t work with your schedule or time zone, don’t let that stop you from joining us if the class is calling to you! All the video lessons will be available beyond the weekend, and you won’t miss a thing by working through it at your own pace over the next month (and longer, if you want to know the truth! I always give everyone extra time).


The Pattern Camp website has lots more course info, answers to FAQs (like “I’m a beginner and have never worked with Illustrator or Photoshop. Will I be completely lost?” Answer: join us! Lots of newbies have done it with great success and you can, too!), and inspiring patterns made by previous Pattern Campers on the blog. Go check it out!



Here’s what one Pattern Camper had to say about the course:

“Sigh. Pattern Camp is over. I looked forward to this event. I thought it would be fun. I thought I’d learn something(s). I thought it would help me as I step back into my old beloved career as a pattern/surface designer. I was wrong. IT WAS TERRIFIC. Not having much of an attention span, I was afraid I’d be bored, or get too antsy to stick with the entire class. WRONG, wrong, wrong. This class was so well taught, so smooth, so clear, so complete. It was full, full, full of information, and Jessica Swift was so patient and so generous. I seriously am sad today that it’s over, but happy to have all the info available for another month, and a whole new group of friends to share with/ask questions of/etc… Really – this was one terrific weekend. Let’s do it again – in person next time!!”  Marian Nixon

If I can answer any questions for you, send me an email. I’m happy to help you figure out if the course is for you or not.

Come learn to create your own repeat patterns and get obsessed! It’s sooooo worth it!

If this feels right for you, I hope to see you in class!