This morning I revealed the winners of the Pattern Camp Scholarship contest. It was so fun watching all the pattern-filled entries roll in!

Did you follow along? Check out the Pattern Camp Instagram feed to see some of the inspiring entries. (Check out hashtag #patterncamp to see them all!)

The scholarship winners each get a free spot in the upcoming July session of my online pattern design course, Pattern Camp.
The finalists’ last challenge was to create patterns made from everyday, ordinary objects.

Here are a few made by the 2 winners, Marianne Grobbelaar and Virginia Fitzgerald


by Marianne Grobbelaar


by Virginia Fitzgerald


by Marianne Grobbelaar


by Virginia Fitzgerald


by Marianne Grobbelaar


by Virginia Fitzgerald

So fun and inspiring! Virginia inspired a lot of the finalists to use the layout app on Instagram to turn their patterns into even more inspiring repeat patterns. I love the effect, don’t you?


The upcoming session of Pattern Camp is July 16-17. The classroom opens tomorrow. There are video interviews to watch with some of my favorite people/friends/surface designers, Illustrator and Photoshop primer videos to watch and practice along with (if you’re new to the programs and want to get a head start learning them before the course), and more.

I’ve also had lots of conversations with Pattern Campers – people who’ve taken the course already – and those are very enlightening and helpful if you’re thinking about taking the course but are feeling afraid that you aren’t digitally skilled enough, that you don’t know how to draw, or whatever other fear might be holding you back. (Stupid fear!)

If pattern design is calling to you, I urge you to listen. Say yes. Come join us. Learn something new. Surprise yourself. Who knows what beautiful patterns are living inside of you just waiting to come out? (I want to find out!)

You can find full course details over on the Pattern Camp website.
You can register there, too. (The code JULYCAMPHEREICOME will get you $30 off!)


If you have any q’s about the course and whether or not it’s for you, get in touch! I’m happy to help you figure it out. :)