Lately God’s Eyes (Ojo de Dios) have been popping into my mind at random times. Did you make these as a child? It was one of my favorite activities (along with making friendship bracelets)! Since they keep coming up for me, I think it’s time to get crafty and create my own grown-up versions of God’s Eyes.
I love that God’s Eyes are “symbolic of the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown and unknowable, The Mystery”. Isn’t that beautiful? They are often “created for celebration or blessing, presented as a gift or designed to bless a home”. (source)
Everyone might be getting home-made God’s Eyes from me for Christmas this year!
I searched around pinterest this morning for inspiring images of God’s Eyes and came up with these ones. Ryan is working nights right now, so I think I might plop myself on the couch with some piles of yarn and sticks tonight to keep myself occupied.It’s really feeling like Fall in Portland all of a sudden, so I’m getting the urge to nest and snuggle and do cozy crafts. I love Fall.
What sorts of crafts do you like to do in the Fall? What crafts did you love making as a kid? I’m trying to think of other things I loved to make…..
Something else I’d really love to learn how to do is loom weaving. Like these, by Maryanne Moodie. Wouldn’t that be so fun? Where can I get myself a small loom?
There’s my inspiration for the day! What’s inspiring you?
3 // via Buzzfeed
4 // via pinterest
6 // via SmokingLily.com