How is it Friday already? These weeks just seem to be zooming by lately at top speed. I’m trying to savor this time — this last trimester of pregnancy, having Ryan home for the summer — but it’s hard when it all moves so fast!
I’ve been alternating lately between feeling inspired/energized and feeling exhausted. When a wind of energy passes through me, I’ve been trying to paint and create new artwork — the painting above emerged yesterday. It was one of those quick ones that come to being sometimes without much effort. The splotchy background was already painted and the colors were speaking to me yesterday, so I sat down to begin, without a plan (as always), in between other activities, and this painting just sort-of…. happened. And I love how it turned out! It’s always a great feeling when that happens. It makes the moments that are frustrating, when nothing is looking right or coming together in a pleasing way, worth it. You have to be willing to go through those frustrating moments in art-making in order to get to the good, satisfying ones. A lot like life in general, I think.
The painting is called “Up Up Up Up”.
Last weekend I spent all day Saturday with a couple friends, arranging flowers for a wedding the following day. What fun! I am mesmerized by dahlias — aren’t they just the most stunning flowers?
The wedding was was first same-sex marriage at which I’ve had the honor of being present; wow, it was beautiful!  It was a bit of a surprise and a whirlwind, the wedding, the proposal and organizing beginning just 3 weeks ago! It was a real team effort — we all had jobs to make it the most beautiful day possible. The whole thing took place in my friend Mary’s backyard. My friends and I got to be in charge of the flowers, and I also got to take the family wedding shots. The dinner was potluck-style, so it was a wonderful mishmash of delicious, summery foods, finished off with wedding cake, of course. It was a truly beautiful day!
I was exhausted when I woke up on Monday after the busy wedding weekend, and my feet were unbelievably swollen, so I ended up having a relatively unproductive day. But I redeemed myself at the end of it, while soaking my poor pregnant-lady feet in an ice-water bath, by painting some little terrier pups:
Who knew they’d be so fun to paint?!
I turned them into a pattern the next day:
Hee hee! I think it’s so cute. :) It goes with the cat pattern I made recently.
And if you’re curious about my growing bump, here it is:
Hello, Baby Swift! He’s in there, wiggling and squirming around. Hard to believe I have just over 9 weeks left and then he will be here, live and in the flesh. Crazy!
Juneau’s not sure how she feels about the whole thing:
This is her favorite perch. Isn’t she the cutest? She’s been sitting this way a lot lately, and it makes me giggle every time. She can survey her surroundings pretty well from this position; we’ve had a brave neighbor cat named Beau coming into our house a lot lately, and this is a good vantage point for Juneau to keep a lookout for him!
Cats. They are so funny.