You guys, guess what? I’m going to be teaching at Craftcation: Business + Makers Conference this coming April 2017. I’ve never been to this conference before, but I’ve only ever heard great things about it. People seem to LOVE it! It’s an annual four-day event featuring industry professionals leading attendees in hands-on DIY workshops and creative business classes.

Craftcation is for you if…

  • You’d love to take a vacation while making things with cool, like-minded people.
  • You have a great idea for a business that you want to turn into a full-time job but don’t know where to start.
  • You have a successful business and are ready to take it to the next level but aren’t sure how.
  • You want to make meaningful connections with people in your field but don’t have the time or opportunity to make it happen.

Sounds amazing, right? I’m excited already. Plus, it’s right on the beach in Ventura, CA, so that makes it even better.

The conference has over 80 hands-on workshops and business classes – I’ll be teaching a couple of different workshops on how to make patterns by hand and also the basics of Adobe Illustrator, as well as potentially a panel on art licensing – so whether you’re coming to craft, grow your business or a little bit of both, there’ll be lots of making, meeting, and learning going on.

Craftcation takes place April 27-30, 2017 in Ventura, California, (about an hour north of Los Angeles). Craftcation utilizes Ventura’s historic downtown buildings and businesses as well as the beach for special events like networking meet & greets, cocktail socials, a pop-up shop, opening celebration, yoga, as well as food and art tours.

Registration opens October 13, 2016 and the first 50 people to register get $50 off!

I’ll write another blog post when registration is open, so if this sounds like something you want to attend you can sign up early and get a jump on your 2017 plans. :)

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