Sea Elves!

Laura and I are both excited to be bringing some new energy to our sweet little Sea Elves — it’s been too long!

Next month we’ll be launching a special edition set (there’s a sneak peek here!), based on a fun theme, but today we’ve got some new mystery Sea Elves available for you: the Midnight Group, pictured above.

When you purchase a Sea Elf from the Midnight Group, you’ll get one of the 9 pictured above. Which one? It’s a mystery!

Each Sea Elf is one-of-a-kind, hand-painted, unique, and holds one of thirteen possible energies: Strength, Patience, Creativity, Happiness, Good Luck, Exploration, Motivation, Clarity, Peace, Confidence, Transformation, Trust, Healing.

You’ll find out which Sea Elf has swum its way into your life when you open up the package. You’ll also learn your Sea Elf’s name and the special energy quality that he holds and is bringing to you, direct from the depths of mysterious Loch Ness and the universe at large. Fun, right?

You can read more about the Sea Elves here; Laura and I collaborate on them — she sculpts, I paint! They feel so good to hold in your hand, put on your desk, carry with you as a daily reminder…. they’re good little friends and companions!

Hope you love them as much as we do. :)