Well, you’ve been asking if these sweet little paintings that I’ve been creating for Baby Swift’s room are going to be available for sale (seems like so many of you want them for your own kids’ rooms!), so I decided to go ahead and put them in the shop. Yay!

You can find all 5 animal kid art prints that I’ve created so far in a brand new ‘kid art’ section of my shop right here. There will be more! I am loving creating these paintings SO MUCH that it’s basically all I want to do lately. That is not an exageration. Being 37 weeks pregnant helps in wanting to just sit in one spot and not move much, though. ;)


And there will be more. I’m currently working on a Whale painting, and I’ve got a long list of other animals that I’d like to paint — Hedgehog, Owl, Tiger, Raccoon, and Camel, just to name a few. I’ll let you know when there are new ones! I’ve also been posting progress shots on Instagram, so that’s a fun place to see what I’m currently up to.

I’m also beginning to max out on wall space in Baby Swift’s room, so I’ll probably start selling the original paintings at some point, too, in addition to prints, if that might be something you’re interested in!





Speaking of Baby Swift:


Just 3 weeks until he’s due! I wonder when he’ll decide it’s time to come join us in this world….. I’m feeling every preparatory kick, bump, hiccup, and punch in the ribs these days, soI know he’s gearing up for a busy, active life on the other side! ;)