Ryan and I (finally) started putting together Baby Swift’s room this past weekend. Poor Ryan had to give up his beloved office so the baby could have his own room, so we dragged our feet for a while on making the switch. But we moved everything out into Ryan’s new space in the basement (which it turns out he doesn’t mind so much, so yay!), painted the baby’s room a fresh whitish-grey color, put together the crib and dresser, and voila! The beginnings of a nursery. Now we get to do the fun part: decorate!


We’ve got a lot of white in the room — white walls, white crib, white dresser, etc — so I want a lot of color in the rest of the room (obviously). We don’t have enough art to hang in the room, which means I have a great excuse to create some fun new kid art! I got down to business yesterday, and this elephant is what emerged.

And I’m in LOVE! I want to turn this into a whole animal series — whale, deer, rat, owl, peacock, horse, gosh there are so many options!

Isn’t it so cute?? It’s currently hanging on the wall in the nursery, waiting for some companions.


Hope Baby Swift likes it, too!

I’ll share some pics of the baby’s room once it’s a bit further along… at this point it’s still filled with baby clothes and other baby-related things in cardboard boxes and bags, a carseat in a big plastic bag, and other non-photogenic delights. ;) But we’re getting there! Hard to believe this little one’s due date is in just 5 1/2 weeks…… oh my goodness!