I’m very happy and excited to share something that I’ve been working on for a couple of months now that’s ready just in time for the new year (which begins in 3 days, what?!).

It’s called 100 Uplifting Days.

It’s 100 emails, 100 days in a row. Straight into your inbox, for free. Here’s a peek at the images that will be inside the emails each day:


Each is accompanied with some words and thoughts and general uplifting from me.

I created this for you, yes, but I also created it for myself. Each time I sat down to work on writing something to go along with the images, I was amazed at how it helped me shift my day. Some days it was tiny, some days I was resistant, but nonetheless, it caused me to pause. To stop and think for a second. To remember (over and over again) that I have a choice in the way I see things, in the way I approach my life, in how I react, respond, call things in.

My hope is that this will be your experience with it as well and that it will become your favorite email to open each day.

Want in? (I hope so!)
Simply enter your email address below and your first email in the series will arrive tomorrow. Yes!

By signing up you’ll also get occasional other emails from me in addition to your 100 days of uplifting emails.

In those emails I promise to send you:

  • Emails filled with positivity, colorful + uplifting artwork, and candid stories about lessons I’ve learned, a-ha moments, challenges, and the whole shebang. The real deal behind being a working creative.
  • Free printable goodies (yes!). Worksheets, drawings, joyful reminders, and other good stuff that I dream up!
  • Updates about new products, sales, digital books, e-courses, events, etc. You’ll be the first to know (and you’ll get some sweet discounts along the way, naturally).


May you enter into 2017 filled with hope, love, wonder, kindness, and big, audacious dreams.